Bradley Robinson

At the age of five Bradley took interest in Piano when he would listen to his grandmother play classical music. He begged his parents for lessons and at the age of ten started formal lessons at the Ontario Conservatory of Music in Mississauga. He has always had passion for music, performing in yearly recitals while studying at the Conservatory. Bradley joined the string ensemble at Lanor Junior Middle School in grade six and took up the Viola. He continued studying Viola from grade six until grade thirteen. Performing alongside a small group of passionate string players he would perform in several musical evenings as well as accompany the Drama production at Lakeshore Collegiate Institute. Having a passion for teaching Bradley attended Lakehead University and graduated in 2014 with a B.A. / B.Ed in History (PJ). During this time he taught private and group piano lessons to beginner and intermediate students of all ages.

Bradley has been teaching abroad as a secondary school teacher in Hastings, East Sussex England for the past four years and has just returned to Cambridge. He enjoys teaching students of all ages and particularly enjoys teaching beginner students. As a teacher by trade he believes all students have potential and it is important to set goals. He strives to meet the needs of each individual student and will cater lessons that meet the interest of his students.