Ginger_Rogers_Accordion.294184616_stdThere has been a music school on Main Street in Galt for over 40 years. We still hear from former students who studied Accordion at the Ontario Conservatory of Music in our location years ago- in fact some of our current teachers began their education here as young children.

Today, Amy Robinson is thrilled to hold the reins. She is a longtime violin & piano teacher at the school, and has taught at almost every music studio in the region(or at least that’s how it seems! -including her own) over the past 15 years. Though it is one of the many diverse things Amy has done (freshwater species-at-risk biology? legacy planning for mining? bike trail stewardship? many summers in Ontario provincial parks?) teaching & running music studios keeps calling her back. It is an exciting time to be a music teacher, with technology and new methods making music more attainable for today’s students;  and a music school, with people of all ages looking to bring more music in their lives. The Cambridge Conservatory of Music continues to grow and diversify, because we recognize that while the human need to make music doesn’t change, people’s lives and desires do and we are always looking for new ways to help you fulfill that need.

Check out our new group programs or read about our fabulous teachers for more details; or the studio in action to see where we’ve made our mark recently.