Term 1 Recitals

Our first term wound down at the end of November and we are celebrating the hard work of our students and teachers by sharing some music with our neighbours. We have been welcomed into the Queen’s Terrace, St. Andrew’s Terrace and Hilltop Manor retirement residences where students and teachers performed their polished repertoire. From our youngest Wunderkeys student in their first recital up to the seasoned veterans heading into conservatory exams, our performers were encouraged and supported by the residents. Some highlights from these first 3 recitals is found below, including video clips!

Sat. November 28- Queen’s Terrace

Sun. November 29- St. Andrew’s Terrace

Sat. December 5- Hilltop Manor

Our final recital for Term 1 is this Sunday December 13 at Fairview Mennonite Home , and promises to dazzle just as the first did.

Thank you again to the residents and Staff of these local homes for so generously providing space and audience for our developing musicians. We’re so thrilled to share our music with the community.

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