Vanessa Winiarz

VanessaAt the age of four, Vanessa began studying piano at the Cambridge Conservatory of Music (formerly the “Ontario Conservatory of Music”). She grew up with a strong passion for music and has always been an eager and keen performer. Her participation in playing numerous piano recitals, school masses/liturgies and her role in the pit-band for the St. Benedict C.S.S. production of Godspell are true examples of her desire to share her musical talents with others in the community. Not to mention, Vanessa loves having the opportunity to accompany her dad and his Dance band on a few local gigs on piano and synthesizer. She also has competed in the Canadian Music League (CML) competition twice, and has received first, second and third place recognition along with a chance to obtain a scholarship back in 2010.

Vanessa is currently studying advanced piano and harmony and is working towards receiving her ARCT credentials in the near future. She dedicates a large portion of her time practising and perfecting her pieces of study as well as creating works of her own. Vanessa is considering enrolling into post-secondary education after completing high-school, later wishing to become a school teacher.

After being enrolled in piano lessons for most of her life, Vanessa has decided to use her musical gifts she has obtained and pay it back to her former studio in the form of teaching. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and capabilities and strives to help each learner to meet their own personal goals while they  go through the journey of studying music. As a teacher and performer, she believes that we each have the ability to become the type of musician we wish to be and can use music as an outlet to express our own feelings and thoughts in a very personal and creative way. She is also a good match for younger beginners as she is patient yet enthusiastic, and always strives to make piano lessons enjoyable for each student. Vanessa will always try to make piano lessons suitable to the strengths/needs of each child and will help guide them to accomplish any goals they have in a very positive and encouraging manor. After many years here, she can easily call the Cambridge Conservatory of Music her “home” as it is where her musical journey began, and now where she begins another chapter in her life mentoring and guiding her students as they develop into the best pianists they can be.