Wunderkeys Piano for Preschoolers

We are thrilled to be the only school in Cambridge to offer the renowned Canadian preschool music program Wunderkeys. Each week students participate in a private half hour lesson full of fun and interesting activities that build rhythm, pitch, dynamic and note value awareness that set these young people up for a lifetime of music making

Students will learn:

  • general music knowledge that transfers to ANY instrument;
  • real songs on the piano!
  • math & pre-reading skills including: classification, patterning, sorting, seriation and symbol correspondence;
  • a weekly routine of play and work that builds skills and confidence

IMG_0683Wunderkeys was developed with preschoolers in mind, so we keep little minds and bodies busy for the entire lesson. Students are proud to show off their new knowledge in the weekly home activities, and demonstrate our exciting duets at the end of class.

Wunderkeys runs in 9 & 10 week sessions, starting with Book 1, Sorting Sounds. We always offer a free month trial, to make sure each student is ready for this new adventure. Payment for each session includes the weekly private lesson, a Wunderkeys book, supplementary material and any other learning tools we use.

Lesson times are available during the day, early evenings and Saturdays.

Answers to common Wunderkeys questions can be found here.

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