Our 1st Wunderkeys graduate!

IMG_0683I’m excited to announce my first Wunderkeys graduate today. Peilang started Wunderkeys last April and was a little shy and uncertain at first. He and I have been working together ever since, and you’ll see from our videos that he’s been having a great time! I was amazed at how well he knew his numbers from the start, and now he plays his finger friends and reads real music notes with confidence. His favourite song to play was “Who Says Boo”- especially the part where we shout at the end…

He performed in his first recital a couple of weeks ago, playing “Leaf Pile” a special fall song for the residents at St. Andrew’s Terrace.

I can’t wait to continue with your piano lessons in the new year Peilang! You should be proud of all your hard work in Wunderkeys.

Here’s our video from the end of book 1.

And here we are at his last lesson, after trying Jingle Bell Bop just twice.

Keep up the great work!


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